Welcome to DOJO Basics

We at DOJO, have recently launched DOJO Basics. DOJO Basics is a personalized membership experience, a platform for our partners to build their social presence in such a difficult time, through the services provided by us. We help our partners to create a brand name online that upholds their reputations throughout.

Once you sign up for DOJO Basics, you will get listed on our DOJO app at free of cost. This helps you to generate more leads. We will provide you with an application through which you can look over all the working on your social handles.

We provide various services for partners, consisting of free as well as paid. We aim to generate more leads and increase sales for our partners. And through our services, we do not fail at nailing the bull’s eye.

We provide a one-month free trial so you can understand what we do, and how we do.

DOJO Basic provides our partners with the best online presence, because if your business is not online then you are missing out on getting marketed globally. During this worldwide crisis, it is doable for small businesses to grow in the virtual sphere. And it will be our job to construct a base for customer interaction. We want your business acumen to meet our online strategy thus enabling a strong base for your brand’s online presence.

We are trying to help small-scale businesses manage their basic requisite and aiding them in incrementing their commerce. Staying with the original theme of the brand, we weave the designs, content, and on-demand topicals, and stay weeks ahead of schedule.

In this era of an integrated universe, having a social presence is a must. Advertising gets easier when you have the means to reach out to a greater audience.

DOJO is a place where our career and passion meets. We as a team, respect, trust and care for each other. We all are aligned towards making an impact.