The Significance of Timing Your Workout

We all know that working out for long hours can affect our health badly. But when you are in the zone, where you cannot think of anything else, then time definitely gets out of hand. But the timing of a workout is certainly a sweet spot. One should know for how long they can do a specific exercise before they exert all their energy. So for how long should you exercise? I’d say, it depends on several factors.

If you are going to the gym, and you are spending most of your time roaming around and talking to others rather than exercising, then you are not getting the same amount of time compared to one whose focus is solely on the workout. Timing your workout helps you in analyzing how effective the workout has been. You can spend hours in the gym and don’t do anything, or you can work out for 30 minutes straight and make it count. It depends on you, your exercise, your focus, and your discipline.

There’s a saying that, “too much of something is good for nothing.” And in this case, it’s true. When you exercise, you have to give your body time to heal from all the pressure and exertion done. It can be a day or two, but healing is important if you want to keep working out in the near future. You have to know when to take a break before your body goes down.

When you are timing your workouts, keep these points in mind:

1. When you are new to the gym, spending an hour daily with the equipment might pose harm to your body. Don’t injure or overdo yourself. Find a rhythm to work in and gradually increase the pace of the exercise.

2. Your timing should be based on the intensity level of the workout. The more intense it is, the less time to allot to it. In the start, you have to build the endurance first, once you have it, then only step up for more.

3. When you are working out, count only the amount of time you actually are working out, not when you are roaming and talking to others. You are there to exercise, so record it, and exclude unnecessary things like dressing, warming up, or showering.

4. When you start timing your workouts, you free up your schedule more. You stop wasting more time than necessary in the gym and could do more effective and efficient work.

We all want our freedom. So why not have both, freedom and fitness, without getting distracted. Timing your workout means better health, more productivity in your day, and more self-confidence. You just have to time it, and the rest is life-saving.