The Insider’s Guide to Workout while Wearing Masks

Lately, home is the only place we’ve been at. We have missed what the world outside looks like. Our home became our office, the kitchen became an experimenting ground, and for most people, a wide empty area, somewhere in the house, became their temporary gym.

For all the fitness enthusiasts, who were regular to the gym pre-covid 19, have you thought about the life post covid 19? How different would it be to go to the gym after such a long time? What would sanitation be like? How would the workout begin? Or the most important one: would we have to wear a mask??

I’ll give my personal opinion here. Even after the threat of covid 19 is gone, even when we’re vaccinated and safe, somewhere in the back of my mind, I’ll always hesitate to go in a crowded public place without a mask. Seeing the situation, I might even be home after all is done and said. But for some, it might be important to keep up with their health, by going to the gym or just a brisk walk or jog on the streets. So I’ll give you some tips regarding precaution in a gym or on the street while working out.

First, if you are thinking that exercising while wearing a mask might affect your health in any way, you are wrong. It may be unhealthy while doing vigorous physical activity. So, I recommend starting slow. Whatever you do, don’t outdo yourself. You are prioritizing your health first, that’s why you are wearing a mask. So be calm, steady, and consistent. Once you get used to breathing and can handle more, then only step up for more.

Secondly, experts approve of cloth masks or masks made of less absorbent material, like polyester, which won’t hinder your exercise performance if you are confused about which mask to wear. It should be a two-layer mask, otherwise, you may find it hard to breathe at all. Surgical masks may get damp after a while, so you might need to keep a spare on hand. Whatever kind you use, it should be washable at the end. Keep this in mind.

Thirdly, I’ll advise that you find an empty gym or a less crowded route for the workout. This way there’s less chance for you to transmit the disease and if you get tired you can take off the mask anytime. Social distancing is highly recommended during anything you do, literally. While in the gym, sanitize your hand every few minutes and clean the machine after use.

At last, you may feel discomfort, fatigue, dizziness, and shortness of breath at the start. If you feel any of these, stop, take a breather till they lull down. Then start again slowly. For people who are facing some chronic lung disease, I’ll advise you to consult your doctor before starting your exercise.

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