Muscle Recovery

Rest is a huge part of muscle recovery after a heavy workout. A lot of people have this misconception that continuously exercising makes our body stronger but the matter of fact, continuous exercise without proper recovery can put you at a higher risk of injury.

After a heavy workout the muscles in our body get minor tears, only during the recovery period our muscles can repair the tiny tears that form during exercise. Our body also produces a high quantity of lactic acid during exercise that causes our muscles to be sore, if you don’t give yourselves enough time to recover it again causes higher risks of injuries.

How to prevent injury during muscle recovery?

The basis of any good training program, the intensity of a workout should be increased gradually giving our body time to adjust to the load.

After a workout a person shouldn’t feel overly exhausted but challenged.

A well balanced workout regime will help the body to recover in time. For instance working on different muscle groups in different workouts is a good way to increase recovery between training sessions.

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