How to Make Time For Fitness!

We all have some goals when it comes to our health- be it losing or gaining weight; developing abs or muscles; strengthening our core or increasing our flexibility; or even increasing our stamina. We all have some targets when it comes to fitness. However, in this fast paced life, where the 9–5 jobs somehow occupy the whole day, fitness is often just a goal on our vision plans-waiting to be checked off. While life tends to get messy and haywire, we still can manage to make room to fulfil our priorities.

So here are 5 ways to make time for workout in your busy lives

  1. Plan Plan Plan

While this sounds like too much work, believe me it helps go through the day more easily. Planning your day out, gives you a chance to break the day into small fragments and assign tasks to each fragment. It helps you understand the commitments you have for the day and whether there is a possibility of wiggling things in. When you plan your time for workout for each day, you have a goal to achieve and .

Planning helps organize the day better.

2. Catch the Hints

One of the ways to never lose on your fitness goals is by catching the hints! What it means is, keep your workout outfits out on the table or anywhere you frequently look. As a result, this will remind you about your commitment and motivate you to workout. Our brains comprehend

While this is a visual medium much better than anything else. This method is sure to help you.

3. Quality, not Duration

We often think that long hours at the gym is the only way to get results. Well, it’s not true! The duration of the workout will make no difference if the exercises have low intensity. So instead of spending 2 hours working out, just workout for 20 mins but with intensity. Focus more on quality workouts- for example HIIT workouts work best for fat loss than any other routine. 20 minutes is a doable task and can be easily spared in our daily schedule.

4. Wake up Early

Probably one of the hardest things to do out there is to leave the bed a little earlier than usual. But this helps in the best way possible. Waking up early gives us the window for fitness we always wanted in our days. It gives a little more time in the day and helps manage things better. While it is challenging, it helps you become more productive and focused.

5. Find out your ‘why’

In order to stay motivated throughout your journey, it is always important to remember why you started off in the first place. When you find a reason behind doing something, your spirit to do it strenghtens. Let your reason to be fit always be in your mind. Whether it is to lose that extra weight or fight off any illness, let that reason be greater than excuses your mind comes up with. Remind yourself that though things are hard, they are worth it and they will get you results you desire. When you place your reason on the seat of power, you will automatically act according to it and prioritize fitness in your daily routine.

These ways are though simple but help motivate and maintain your journey towards your goal. Have faith that it will all turn out in your favour and you can achieve it all.



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