How to Find the Right Sport for YOU!

If you are new in the world of sports and finding it hard to choose one, then this article is for you. Sometimes, it gets really frustrating to know what sport you fit into, or what sport best suits your abilities. Well, there are some tricks and traits which might help you to figure out which sport is best suited for you.

Are you a ‘lone wolf’ or do you like working with the pack

Identifying yourself as either of the above is very important. If you’re the former, then you’d be interested in sports like tennis, badminton, squash, golf, gymnastics, and table tennis, which require individual brilliance. If you identify yourself with the latter, then you’d be interested in sports like cricket, football, hockey, etc which require a team-based performance, and one person can’t run the show.

How long can you tolerate pain?

Your resistance to pain is very crucial when it comes to picking a sport. If you’re less tolerant to pain then you might want to avoid contact sports that involve physicalities, such as football, wrestling, kabaddi, as such you can try games that involve less contact such as gymnastics, swimming, track and field sports. Although a sport might not be a contact one, each and every sport has its fair share of injuries. So be disciplined with your fitness and health.

Know your endurance

Endurance means the duration of your physical activity for a certain period of time, without getting exhausted in-between. For example, you play a game of football for 60 minutes, in those 60 minutes how long can your body cope with the physical movement of your body, or in simple words, how long can you play the game without getting tired. Endurance matters in each and every sport, whether it is a fast-paced or a slow-paced game. Every sport tests your endurance and endurance matters when it comes to developing the sport you play into a habit.

There is no hard and fast rule to choose a sport of your choice. These tips are only there to guide you as to which sport best suits your needs. After all, who doesn’t love playing sports?

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