Are you your own Strength and Conditioning coach?

One of the most important things an athlete has to keep in mind is to stay fit. To have the physical ability to play their sport. The bigger question that comes to mind is, do athletes benefit from having a strength and conditioning coach or benefit from being their own coach?

In many scenarios having a strength and conditioning coach can be very beneficial, because with their training and experience they can guide athletes according to their different body types and help them workout keeping good form. They take an overall screening of their trainees and help them work on their weaknesses as well as use their strength as an advantage. In the early stages of one’s sports career it is highly advised to have a strength and conditioning coach, as they can guide you through training when injuries occur and build strength in specific muscles as well as teach you how to activate certain muscles to avoid strain and injury while performing in their respective sports. A strength and conditioning coach can optimise an athletes strength and guide them with the correct training to be their strongest selves.

Being your own coach

There isn’t anything wrong with being your own fitness coach, but it takes a level of experience and research to know what will benefit you, and work best for your body. A lot of experienced athletes after a point in their professional careers take their strength and conditioning training in their own hands. The level of awareness of their bodies after years of experience and training allow them the opportunity to take their strength and conditioning training upon themselves.

Having a strength and conditioning coach is one of the most beneficial things an athlete can do to improve their physical capabilities.

Be your fittest self!

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