A Guide to Design Your Personal Fitness Plan

You have finally decided on changing your habits. You are now determined to focus on your fitness goals and achieve them. You’ve sat down to write your plan but you don’t know where to start- diet? Workout? BMI? Don’t worry! We have got you covered! It is very much possible for you to come up with your own fitness plan in order to achieve your fitness goals.

Here are a few steps to follow

  1. Have a Clear Goal

Whatever it is that you want to achieve health wise, make sure you know it in and out. Whether it is to gain muscles or abs, it’s very important for you to have clarity on what you desire for your body. Start small. Make achievable goals. These small goals will motivate you to do better. Also give yourself a deadline in order to instill discipline and to have a particular period assigned to achieve your goals.

2. Plan Your Workout

There are a ton of home exercise and fitness activities you could do on your own or you could sign up for a gym as well. Either way, try understanding which workouts suit you and will help you achieve your goals. Again, don’t do intense and hard workouts in the beginning- take your time. Set a pace for yourself and live up to it. Depending on whether you are looking for strength training, cardio or flexibility, choose your exercises wisely and start by working out only for 30 mins a day.

3. Schedule it

Plan out your workout sessions for a week on paper. This will be much more impactful and help bring in variety to your workout sessions. Write down the workout of the day, the time you are willing to put in and the number sets you aim to do on that particular day. The reason for some much emphasis on writing is because when you actually write it down, you’ll quit pondering and actually do it. Things are easy to achieve when planned.

4. Diet & Nutrition

In order to stay fit and healthy, diet plays a major role. Include all the important nutrients your body needs in your meals. An essential part of a diet is to say goodbye to unhealthy foods. Fried food, processed food, carbonated drinks and sugary sweets need to be shown the door forever so that you can transform into a healthier you. The best way to do so is to stop buying such products. Find foods that will help your body transition more into your fitter self. Search for recipes that are healthy while also being tasty.

5. Plan Your Meals Weekly

Week’s meal plan may seem too much to do, but truthfully, it is very beneficial. When you plan for a week, you won’t ever waste time going back and forth on different dishes- you already have it decided. Another great advantage is that in case you are missing some ingredients in the kitchen, you could go grocery shopping and get them all at once.

In the end, remember to always reward yourself after achieving your goals. This will keep you motivated and make you do better with the next one.



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