7 Quick Tips Regarding Gym Etiquette

Whether you are a beginner or a frequent visitor to the gym, there is a code of conduct that you must follow. These can be the basic habits or things that help maintain the atmosphere of the gym.

We know that the gym can be intimidating when seen from a beginner’s eyes. All those sweaty bodies moving around, lots and lots of equipment all over the place, and that loud cheering music. Once you get used to all this, you need to get the hang of the behavioral rules too. You have to believe that it’s sort of your second home. Likewise, you have to always keep the gym clean, and maintain the atmosphere.

Here’s the list of things that you should consider from day one. You can’t deter from this.

1. Dress appropriately, and comfortably

There is an appropriate kind of attire set for the gym. Spandex and polyester are usually the go-to material if you don’t want to stink badly.

Your clothes should fit you perfectly. Ill-fitting clothes act as an obstruction in your growth and can hurt you badly. They should be comfortable for you.

Leave the accessories that may hinder your workout at home or the locker at the gym. Watches can be excluded from this since you might need them to time your workout. All the others definitely need to go.

As for the shoes, loose and torn ones need to be replaced by new ones that are made for gym workouts, like shock resistance, having proper cushioning, are preferred.

2. ALWAYS ask

If a person is using the equipment that you want, ask them, always. Don’t just take it. That’s rude and disrespectful towards the person as well as the equipment. A gym is a shared place, if you don’t know how to be respectful, then leave.

Or you can always ask the person if you can work with them. This can be a better option.

3. Put back the equipment in place

When you are done using any gym equipment, put it back in its place. It’s the golden rule of any gym. This is the major problem with most of the gyms — leaving your weights, or any other equipment, lying all over the place might hurt someone or they can trip over them. So put them back. You can also put back the ones you didn’t use. If you don’t know where then ask the gym instructor.

4. Clean up after yourself

Always bring a towel with you to use. If not, then ask for a paper towel, and nowadays gyms provide towels for the inside use as well. When you sweat, you release the bacterias, and these can live on a machine for a long time. So wipe down the machine after use.

Keep all your belongings that you brought inside with you, near you. Take your mobile, water bottle, towel, keys, everything with you. Don’t leave them anywhere. It might get misplaced.

5. Respect other people’s space

When you are working out, keep in mind that you are not the only one working out, and people might need space. Keep your distance when working on dumbbells. Try not to take the machine next to a person if others are not in use. And while moving around, keep distance. You don’t need to stick to others and transact your bacterias.

Another thing to keep in mind is that people are here for a workout. So, mind your own business. Watch tv, or listen to music, wearing headphones or earplugs. You don’t want

to disrupt others’ calm by your choice of music or its loudness.

6. Be careful of your surroundings

Keep your eyes and ears open. The gym is a closed space with lots of people, working gout and milling around. You don’t want to bump into them whatsoever. While working out, maintain a respectful distance from all. If someone bumps into you then either of you might get hurt. You can even help others if they are struggling with something. They might appreciate it.

7. No Giving/Taking advice from random people

You don’t know anyone in the gym. If the person is not in the staffing team of the gym then don’t take advice from them. They are not professionals. They can instruct you in the wrong way which may result in you injuring yourself. The advice can be true or not or can be something they just threw out. The polite thing to do is nod and leave. Don’t act on the advice until it’s from a gym professional.

The same goes for giving advice. You don’t know whether the person is suffering or not, or the reason for him to be here. Don’t give unsolicited advice.

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